1980 - a picture from photo album depicting the farm before build-up - a pretty rough start in a drought and recession of the first half of the 1980s - top picture shows the knoll before any construction, about 275 yards (251.5 meters) away from house; bottom picture shows sides of a barn about 15 yards (13.7 meters) away from house, which was later torn down and moved to the knoll



1982 - a wood cookstove inside 1879 house, moved onto property from Spearfish, S.D. forty miles away - to survive an economic downturn, certain things had to be done without; notice the Aladdin kerosene lamp in the foreground



1982 - 1879 house with vehicles and woodpiles - there is an outhouse (outdoor toilet) left of the main house


farm 4

1983 - a fire in the cookstove, useful when it's below 0 (degrees) outside, with the wind blowing in a frigid South Dakota winter


farm 5

1983 - another view


1983 - the bathroom: water is heated on the cookstove for washing; a galvanized bathtub is for bathing


1983 - a railroad tie chicken house; shed used as a shop to the right - pretty hard scratching during the Farm Crisis


1983 - chicken coop, different view


1983 - a hen laying an egg in the shop


1983 - the eggs


1983 - the handpump for getting water out of the cistern - this provided water for the bathtub, heated on cookstove


1983 - a view of cistern/handpump from backside with a woodpile in background



1982 - corrals, loading chutes and barn in construction


1982 - a milk cow in the barn, milked by hand - fresh milk is so excellent


1982 - eating the grain


1982 - calf milking the cow


1982 - a corral system, built from dirt over a period of months


1982 - different view


1982 - road fence with four horses in background



1983 - more construction, new calf


1983 - a neighbor's sheep


1983 - windbreaks being constructed with corrals, barn and house in background


1983 - windbreak with a stock pond in foreground


1983 - neighbor's livestock, and farm's 1957 one and a half ton truck, small granary and 1948 Ford 8N tractor


1983 - another view


1983 - a third view


1983 - winter from the road fence


1983 - a road to Newell, South Dakota


1984 - old wagon in the foreground with a '57 box-with-a-hoist farm truck; shop to left


1984 - lots in construction in order to create small cattle feedlot - Farm Crisis beginning to lift (getting closer to ending)


1984 - a swing with some of the farmground


1984 - a view of corrals and barn from the same tree


1984 - a neighbor's sheep by stock pond


1984 - different view of completed barn complex


1984 - road fence in construction


1984 - different view of lots in construction


1984 - a loft in the barn with straw and hay bales


1984 - cross fence in construction


1984 - a view of outshouse, house, vehicles, shop, barn, etc.; all construction, with exceptions of moving house and farm buildings onto property, done by Jacob Berry alone


1984 -  different view of completed barn with haystack; Berry had someone put up sides of barn with a tractor, did the rest himself