I run a small landscape business.  We do tree trim/remove/feed, lawn care, some exterior house painting, some residential fence building and snow removal when necessary in winter.  For the last three years I have had a groin hernia that has progressively gotten somewhat worse.  It renders me almost to a point where I cannot lift anything very heavy at all.  I have shied away from a hospital because I have heard too many horror stories of the "mesh" breaking, and etc. 

     So, I chose to connect the Unseen, Entity of Light, God, or whatever you wish to call Him, for a healing.  Thought it would be safer and more effective in the long run.  People can lose heart, from say a Key West hurricane, a Montecito/Carpinteria, California wildfire, or a Las Vegas shooting - people who were there and have lost some courage and confidence due to these things, may do the same thing.  That is, connect to this Entity to get heart (courage and confidence) back.  But, if a person does not have belief, it doesn't work.  So maybe try this path, and if it is not working for you, then don't do nothing.  That is, fall back on a psychiatrist/psychologist or family and friends for help.  DO NOT wait until you are suicidal trying to "connect".  The Entity will help anyone who connects, the trouble is - to connect.  No need to feel bad about it, it's not the easiest thing to do.

     But, connecting to that Entity for the purpose of getting paradise at death is more important, and perhaps much easier.  It is simpler to contemplate getting something positive later on, than it is to have a immediate problem solved.  "Connect" means to bring together or into contact so that a real (genuine) or notional (theoretical) link is established on a spiritual (inexplicable by natural laws) level.   Connecting can be a frustrating experience, but it should be done - as death may come in ten minutes or a hundred minutes, in ten years or a hundred years.  It can be looked upon as a "necessary evil".  Meaning, many people have zero desire to "connect", but, as it says on the webpage - "no connection, no paradise".  Various religious beliefs, and situations such as near-death experiences, lend a credibility to a possibility that there may be "something" beyond the grave.  Something "good", or, something "bad".  Also, Revelation, in the Christian Bible, accurately describes possible results of thermonuclear war - one third of the planet destroyed, the fish in the oceans dead, the moon turning blood red in color, etc.  How could an ancient book do this, unless perhaps the author had connected himself to the Unseen at one time or another. 

     And, in Revelation, it says that "I (the Unseen) stand at the door (of your life) and knock", so that Entity is also interested in making some effort in your direction.  A major roadblock is a "mindset" that says "prove heaven and hell exist", and obviously it cannot be proved.  Mindset meaning the "established set of attitudes held by someone".  But is it really worth taking a chance?  A "shock" may be useful to wake a person up, and let them know they will not live forever - on this planet.  Maybe, then, a person can take time to plan for a post-death experience.